How to Recognize Drug Abuse and Addiction

Suspecting a teen aged loved one of drug abuse/addiction is heart wrenching. If they deny your inquiries, the process can be even more complicated and hurtful. However, drug abuse and drug addiction follows very routine patterns, so warning signs can be easy to pinpoint if you’re able to recognize the indicators.
Here are 5 ways to recognize drug abuse and drug addiction, which may signal your teenager needs drug rehab treatment.



Sudden Changes in Behavioral Patterns  Teenagers rarely experience major shifts or changes in their behavioral patterns unless something is wrong. When a good to average student suddenly begins skipping classes, flunking, missing work, or demonstrates apathy about activities they used to enjoy, it can indicate a drug or alcohol problem. Erratic sleep patterns can also indicate something isn’t right.



Arrests  Drug abuse often causes erratic or belligerent behavior, which can result in arrest and/or incarceration. Stealing and driving under the influence are major red flags that should not be ignored.



Relationship Problems  It is common for teenagers to test authority or display rebellious behavior, but if relationships with parents, siblings and/or extended family members take a dramatic turn for the worse, or the teenager becomes unusually aggressive and/or violent, it is worth looking into.



Drug Paraphernalia  If you find drugs, or paraphernalia, in a teenager’s possession, they’re probably using drugs. Drug paraphernalia includes pipes, modified soda cans, broken light bulbs, rubber tubing, syringes, etc. Be wary of the excuse that they’re hiding it for a friend. Contact the friend’s parents immediately to investigate the truth.



Hygiene  Drug addiction can cause a lack of interest in personal hygiene, especially when combined with other indicators listed above. Also look for red/glassy eyes or the smell of marijuana, alcohol or chemicals.



The sooner your teen participates in drug rehab treatment, the better chance they have of becoming drug free.

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Dr. Tammy K. Brazil, Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor, ANMA, ANMCAB, Principal Researcher, demonstrates an advanced method of live blood analysis that can reveal otherwise hidden pathologies within the body using single drops of blood. She will show you how to strengthen your immune system through diet and specific nutritional supplements.
“Silent clots” may be detected and thereby reduce your chances against sudden heart attacks and your risk of getting a stroke. Other pathologies, such as yeast infections due to bacteria and parasites are detectable through live blood analysis. Trace minerals and vitamin deficiencies that lead to specific degenerative diseases are also detectable.
Burton Goldberg’s article in the May 2000 issue of “Alternative Medicine”, states, “Darkfield Microscopy can identify all the toxins that are at work in the human body years before detrimental symptoms manifest themselves. These non-invasive techniques show which parts and functions of the body are affected, and how to best get rid of these poisons”.
This information can change your life for the better.


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Metabolic Systems Therapy

The question of proper nutrition is central to health and wellness. Many systems exist to tell us what to eat, and what not to eat. And while every one of these systems works well for some people, the same systems often fail to help, or sometimes even hurt, other people.
Research into metabolic Systems Therapy has its roots in the research of Dr. George Watson, who in 1972 published his findings on the relationship of blood pH and health in a book called, “Nutrition and Your Mind: A Psychochemical Response.” In this book, he shows how various people who are either fast or slow oxidizers of key nutrients will create imbalances within the body’s fundamental energy producing mechanism, the Krebs Cycle. He found that fast oxidizers present the carbohydrate-dependent building blocks of energy (pyruvate, oxaloacetate) much faster than they break down the fat and protein dependent materials (co-enzyme A). For this reason, fast oxidizers become balanced in their nutrition by eating more fatty, high protein foods of high quality.
Conversely, slow oxidizers tend to supply the chemistry of the Krebs Cycle with the fatty, beta-oxidation products (co-enzyme A) faster than the carbohydrate dependent substances. They tend to be brought back into balance by diets featuring higher levels of complex carbohydrates of high quality.
This system worked spectacularly well for many people, but not for others. William Wolcott, building upon the research and experience of Dr. William Donald Kelly, an expert on the nutritional treatment of cancer and other serious diseases, discovered another part of the picture. While some people’s metabolisms seemed to be governed by oxidative rates, as expounded by Watson, others seemed to be governed more strongly by signals from the autonomic nervous system. Wolcott found that at a give time, an individual was either oxidative dominant or autonomic dominant. And just as there are fast and slow oxidizers, there are also fast autonomics (called sympathetics) and slow autonomics (called parasympathetics).
The final bit of the puzzle is that a person’s response to specific nutrients is exactly opposite, depending upon which system, oxidative or autonomic, is dominant within them! For example, a fast oxidizer is nutritionally balanced by a diet featuring fatty, high protein foods, while a slow, autonomic type thrives on the same things. A fast, sympathetic autonomic, however, would be driven into deeper imbalance and distress by this diet, and needs the same sorts of foods as a slow oxidizer, namely, a diet high in complex carbohydrates.
Our office performs the testing to determine metabolic type, and offers dietary plans based on this information. You can also read Wolcott’s recent book, “The Metabolic Typing Diet: Customize Your Diet to Your Own Unique & Ever Changing Nutritional Needs,” for more information. Diet guidelines for Group 1 (Slow oxidizers and Sympathetic autonomics) and Group 2 (Fast oxidizers and Parasympathetic autonomics) may be requested from our office.
It would be ideal to learn and track your personal metabolic type, either from testing at our office, or with a practitioner in your own area. You should initially review the foods listed for Group 1 Metabolizers (Slow Oxidizers or Sympathetic Dominant) and Group 2 Metabolizers (Fast Oxidizers or Parasympathetic Dominant) and see which type of diet, historically, has affected you in various ways.


Metabolic function can be assisted in several ways. First, detoxification may help unblock critical enzyme pathways, allowing both for more complete digestion as well as more complete conversion of nutrients into energy, via oxidative phosphorylation of ATP. Second, reduction of pathogenic microbes via isopathic regression, probiotic terrain competition, and biological terrain shift, can greatly improve the entire sphere of digestive and metabolic processes. Copyright(c) 2000 Stuart Grace Natural Philosophy Research Group

Neurotransmitter Deficiency & Weightloss

 What is “Neurotransmitter Deficiency”?
Neurotransmitters are the natural occurring chemical messengers in your body, which run your nervous system. There are 183 neurotransmitters in your body. The two most important neurotransmitters in your body are “Serotonin” and “Norepinephrine”. Low levels or an imbalance of these two naturally occurring chemicals in your body cause many problems to include:


1. Weight problems            9. Anxiety
2. Panic Attacks                               10.Migraine Headache
3. Depression                                   11. Bulemia
4. Anorexia                                        12. Insomnia
5. PMS                                               13. Impulsivity
6. Obsessionality                              14. Aggression
7. Fibromyalgia                                 15. Myoclonus
8. OCD


Weight problems in turn cause the following problems and when the weight is under control these problems resolve:


1. Diabetes                                        8. Hypertension
2. High cholesterol                         9. Joint problems
3. Heart disease                              10. Sleep apnea
4. Gastric ulcers                              11. Fertility problems.
5. Gout                                               12. Gallstones
6. Lung infections                            13. Hiatal hernia
7. Decreased life expectancy


As a doctor, for years I had given my patients drugs for the problems listed above. Then I discovered the 1A Technology. The treatment and answers were simple, “but would they work?”
 Not only did they work, they left my patients far better off than any drug I had used in the past” Dr Marty Hinz MD, creator of 1A Technology
So what did 1A Technology discover? There are numerous drugs on the market that doctors can prescribe to their patients for neurotransmitter deficiency diseases; a brief list includes Prozac, Zoloft, Luvox, Celexa, Effexor, Wellbutrin, and Meridia. These drugs work by tricking the brain into thinking it has more neurotransmitters. They do nothing to actually give the patient more neurotransmitters. This is where 1A Technology comes in. The 1A products, which are only available in 1A clinics, actually allow your body to correct itself naturally by providing the vitamins, minerals, and amino acids your body needs to build neurotransmitters. Imagine that, it actually allows the body to correct the problem naturally without the need for expensive drugs with their side effects. The rest of this newsletter is dedicated to the effectiveness of 1A in the treatment of diseases.
Migraine headaches not only are very painful, they are expensive to treat. The most popular migraine headache medicine “Imitrex” costs about $120 for 9 pills. It is not uncommon to see patients needing $300 worth or more of “Imitrex” a month. With “1A”, migraine headache patients usually have no more migraine headaches after the first day and the cost of “1A” is between $25 and $45 a month.


Depression is a terrible disease many patients literally wake up one day with debilitating depression. The worst of all depression, is depression not responding to drugs. “1A” can correct these problems safely without medications.
The most difficult of neurotransmitter deficiency diseases to treat are weight problems but 1A Technology has mastered this safely without drugs.By allowing your body to correct itself naturally, appetite comes under control and you lose weight easily. Appetite suppression is a tool to help lose weight. For optimal weight loss once your hunger is under control there is still work to be done on the part of the patient, but most patients report this is the easiest weight loss they have ever experienced.
In a recent survey of patients entering our weight management program the three main concerns on the minds of patients were the effectiveness of the program, safety, and cost. 1A Technology has come up with the perfect answer on all fronts.


EFFECTIVENESSWith regards to effectiveness, “1A” is the best. For example, patients starting the program at 300 pounds can expect to make 250 pounds in just 2 months safely. The computer assisted weight management program part of 1A technology actually increases group weight loss by 60% while insuring that each patient attains optimal performance in weight loss.


SAFETYWith regards to safety, we do not use drugs (which have side effects). This is not ephedra or controversial supplements, this is “1A”. Many medicines used for treating weight problems and other neurotransmitter deficiency diseases actually make the underlying problems of deficiency worse. Drugs that quit working, drugs that do not work, patients who do not make goal weight or gain weight after weight loss all symptoms of neurotransmitter depletion by drugs, which leave the system worse off.


COST: The Lady of the Lake Healing Center has opened it’s new office at 43695 Trail E, Lake Hughes CA using the 1A Technology, we will be offering for a limited time contracts to new patients at $90 a month for all the medical visits needed for weight loss. The normal cost of these contracts are $125 a month, but word of mouth is the best advertising and we want new patients to see the effectiveness of our program. This is a long-term program that gets the weight off and keeps it off. This is THE most effective weight loss program in the United States today. This program is so effective, that for most patients the money saved on food not eaten more than pays for the cost of the program.
This clinic is not just for weight treatment, if you have problems with neurotransmitter deficiency we can help naturally. Our office visits are a small price to pay to feel better. For more information call (we do not bite) : (661) 724-0919.. Dr. Tammy


All opinions are based on personal research, educational background, continuing education, educational studies, international research studies, compiled and culiminative studies, published and un-published research, hands on knowledge and an extensive library. Researcher~ Naturopathic DR. Tammy K. Brazil