Custom vitamins

Made exclusively for you,evaluated by a team of nutritional experts , re-evaluated & approved by DR. Brazil adding supportive herbal, enzymes, supplements for supporting specific health compromises thru lab results / and or questionnaire results. Highest quality ingredients-each month’s supply contains 30 individually wrapped packets of easy swallow capsules.Complete list of ingredients appears on each box , date of custom blend, and your name. Hypoallergenic ingredients, vegetarian formula, no yeast,wheat, sugar, salt, soy protein milk, eggs dairy,meat products .Delivered to your home.¬†Consultations
Our only claim:Empowering People to Help Themselves
*Please note: I am not a medical doctor-do not claim or want to be.
We do not diagnose, give medical advice or make claim to cure on the internet. If you have an emergency please go to the emergency room.

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All opinions are based on personal research, educational background, continuing education, educational studies, international research studies, compiled and culiminative studies, published and un-published research, hands on knowledge and an extensive library. Researcher~ Naturopathic DR. Tammy K. Brazil