Healthy Quiz

What’s your Health in living ?


Dietary and Lifestyle Self Assessment
To complete the questions in each section, select your answer from the list below:
-never 5 -a few times month -once week 3 -a couple of times maybe week
-almost every day -every day
STRESS MANAGEMENT How often do you?
_ Wake up feeling rested, non- moody,
_Plan and or Organize your day- so there is time to accomplish tasks
_ Coordinate stress reduction activities into your lifestyle.
_ Are able to spend your leisure time enjoying relaxing activities
_Take time out for pleasurable physical activity
_ Coordinate stress reduction activities into your lifestyle.
_Meditate, breathe deeply, use creative visualization, get a massage or find a quite time to unwind
the less leisure time you have ,the more stress you may actually have -leisure time and levels of duress are inversely proportional*
PHYSICAL ACTIVITY How often do you?
_ Do exercise, play sports ,jog, weight training or resistance exercise to increase your strength and endurance
_ Stretch to help stay flexible, stimulate and to avoid injury
_Do stimulating activities -swim, a nice brisk walk, an interesting hike, a scheduled run or scenic cycle
_ Take the stairs, or park far enough from your destination so that you can exercise by walking
_ Actively engage in planning an enjoyable physical activity into your schedule-lifestyle?
exercise stimulates the production of brain chemicals that have a positive benefit of mood and sense of well-being*
How often do you?
_ Choose healthy snacks like fresh [organic] fruits and vegetables, rather than foods high in fat and sugar
_Eat a wonderful variety of foods, including fresh fruits, whole grains ( rice, cereals),
fresh [organic] vegetables, and non animal protein sources as part of your daily diet
_Choose low-fat foods like yogurt, low-fat cottage cheese, low fat milk or soy/ rice milk and
skinless chicken, rather than high-fat foods like butter, oil, whole milk and fatty red meats
_Avoid using food as comfort- as way to manage stress or cope with
feelings such as disappointment, anger, frustration or boredom
_Think ahead for a healthy diet when you choose a restaurant or shop for food
_ Supplement your diet with natural vitamins and minerals
* fruits and vegetables can reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Less than a third of your total calories everyday should come from fats.
Add up your score
~ The number you choose for each answer is your score for that answer. If you selected number ’3′ you tally up 3 points; if you selected number ’1′, 1 point and so on.
Count your total score for each health area.
What is your Health in Living score?
17 or below -Wow! keep that focus
The rewards for safe guarding your health are many
18-27 -Doing good !
You’ve got a good solid base. Certain areas of your health, diet and
lifestyle just need fine-tuning.
28-36 -Your wake -up call !
It is time to take responsibility for your health and well-being. Ask
for some professional advice.
Consultation Copyright(c)2000 Dr. Tammy K Brazil

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