How to Recognize Drug Abuse and Addiction

Suspecting a teen aged loved one of drug abuse/addiction is heart wrenching. If they deny your inquiries, the process can be even more complicated and hurtful. However, drug abuse and drug addiction follows very routine patterns, so warning signs can be easy to pinpoint if you’re able to recognize the indicators.
Here are 5 ways to recognize drug abuse and drug addiction, which may signal your teenager needs drug rehab treatment.



Sudden Changes in Behavioral Patterns  Teenagers rarely experience major shifts or changes in their behavioral patterns unless something is wrong. When a good to average student suddenly begins skipping classes, flunking, missing work, or demonstrates apathy about activities they used to enjoy, it can indicate a drug or alcohol problem. Erratic sleep patterns can also indicate something isn’t right.



Arrests  Drug abuse often causes erratic or belligerent behavior, which can result in arrest and/or incarceration. Stealing and driving under the influence are major red flags that should not be ignored.



Relationship Problems  It is common for teenagers to test authority or display rebellious behavior, but if relationships with parents, siblings and/or extended family members take a dramatic turn for the worse, or the teenager becomes unusually aggressive and/or violent, it is worth looking into.



Drug Paraphernalia  If you find drugs, or paraphernalia, in a teenager’s possession, they’re probably using drugs. Drug paraphernalia includes pipes, modified soda cans, broken light bulbs, rubber tubing, syringes, etc. Be wary of the excuse that they’re hiding it for a friend. Contact the friend’s parents immediately to investigate the truth.



Hygiene  Drug addiction can cause a lack of interest in personal hygiene, especially when combined with other indicators listed above. Also look for red/glassy eyes or the smell of marijuana, alcohol or chemicals.



The sooner your teen participates in drug rehab treatment, the better chance they have of becoming drug free.

Custom vitamins

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*Please note: I am not a medical doctor-do not claim or want to be.
We do not diagnose, give medical advice or make claim to cure on the internet. If you have an emergency please go to the emergency room.

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1A Technology  
Natural Medical Therapy
Medical Therapy
Used in over 200 clinics
Free initial weight loss consult
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Also Treating Neurotransmitter Disorders to include:
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Exceptional results even with difficult cases where prescription medications have not worked.
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Indigestion – Constipation
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Find out with a Nutritional Live Blood Analysis
Dr. Tammy K. Brazil, Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor, ANMA, ANMCAB, Principal Researcher, demonstrates an advanced method of live blood analysis that can reveal otherwise hidden pathologies within the body using single drops of blood. She will show you how to strengthen your immune system through diet and specific nutritional supplements.
“Silent clots” may be detected and thereby reduce your chances against sudden heart attacks and your risk of getting a stroke. Other pathologies, such as yeast infections due to bacteria and parasites are detectable through live blood analysis. Trace minerals and vitamin deficiencies that lead to specific degenerative diseases are also detectable.
Burton Goldberg’s article in the May 2000 issue of “Alternative Medicine”, states, “Darkfield Microscopy can identify all the toxins that are at work in the human body years before detrimental symptoms manifest themselves. These non-invasive techniques show which parts and functions of the body are affected, and how to best get rid of these poisons”.
This information can change your life for the better.


Lady of the Lake
Healing Center
Dr Tammy K Brazil
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Call for next seminar date- Limited seating-Refreshments served
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Natural Philosophy
Research Group
Advanced Biological Education and Research
About EcoBiotics
The field of EcoBiotic Science – or EcoBiotics for short – is a way of understanding how the body naturally creates health through balancing countless factors affecting the body’s internal ecology. Using the methods of EcoBiotics, we can begin to discover whether some of these natural, health-sustaining systems have somehow become blocked or degraded, and create strategies for restoring them to enhanced functionality.


It is important to understand that EcoBiotics is not a form of medical diagnosis or treatment. We are not concerned with detecting illness or injury, or prescribing drugs or other interventions that fight disease. For these, you must consult with the appropriate primary healthcare practitioner of your choice. Instead, EcoBiotics focuses solely on nourishing and restoring the body’s inner mechanisms of integrity. It is our experience that by doing this, the body is better able to resolve some types of distress from within, and may be better able to respond to various forms of medical treatment.


If you are under the care of a physician or other licensed healthcare provider, at your request we will be happy to share information and coordinate services with them. Please understand that we cannot and do not under any circumstances function as a replacement for appropriate medical diagnosis and care.


The Inner Terrain Everyone knows that certain types of plants thrive in certain kinds of soil. That’s why, for example, the vineyards of the Mediterranean and Northern California can produce wine grapes of such exceptional quality. By the same token, farmlands that have poor soil, or have been depleted of nutrients by over-use or natural erosion, have difficulty sustaining any type of useful growth.


In some ways, the human body is very similar. The “soil” in which our human cells and organs grow is called the EcoBiotic Terrain. The specific qualities of this terrain determine virtually everything about how life unfolds inside of us. Under some conditions of the terrain, our own human physiology can thrive. Under other conditions, bacteria, fungus, viruses, and other living things often make better use of the soil than we do. The quality of the EcoBiotic Terrain can be assessed in terms of chemical parameters like ph (acid/alkaline balance), redox (electrical balance), and resistivity (ability for electricity to flow). We can also directly observe the level of bacterial and fungal progress that the body can sustain through a special technique called DIAD Microscopy, described below.


The Role of Recyclers in the EcoBiotic Terrain Nature provides an amazing mechanism for recycling dead or unhealthy tissue, so that new things can grow. We see this at work on the forest floor where, over a period of years, a fallen tree is recycled by bacteria and fungi into the fresh soil that new generations of living things use for their nourishment. At a somewhat more subtle level, injured tissues within plants and animal stimulate the growth of similar bacteria and fungi. Here, the idea is not to recycle the whole organism, but to accelerate the breakdown of injured parts, so that new, healing growth has space and materials to replace the old.


Now, as long as these mechanisms of recycling and repair stay within their proper bounds, everything is all right. But what if the recyclers, for some reason, get a confused message? What if, for example, they were told that a living tree was already dead, and ordered to get to work? In this case, they could destroy a living tree. Instead of emerging as helpful recyclers, they would be acting as viscous, dangerous parasites.


The relevance of this to EcoBiotics is that we carry something like the “seeds” of these recycler organisms within our own bodies. And like a seed that grows into a flower, these seeds will not germinate until they are given the right chemical and environmental signals. In the case of a plant, the seed must be put in water, or into moist soil before it will germinate. In the case of the bacterial and fungal recycler seeds, they must receive a set of chemical signals that usually only occur after we have died, or after a part of the body has become injured.


But various conditions can mimic these signals, even while we are alive. And furthermore, when we are healthy, the body produces an opposite set of signals that say to any recyclers that happen to sprout, “Go away, you’re too early.” When the balance of these two signals, one saying “Yes, start recycling,” and the other saying, “Back off, we’re still busy living,” gets disturbed, the recyclers start to take us apart from the inside.


Now, if we’re actually dead, that’s OK, because it’s just Nature’s way of putting our richness back into the Earth for other living things to use. But if this shift happens while we’re still alive, the result is that our immune systems have to fight the onslaught from within. Even if it’s successful, the process is very draining, and creates large loads of endotoxins, poisons produced inside the body. Each person will respond differently to the strain, based on constitutional, environmental, and hereditary factors. Therefore, each person will manifest different symptoms of illness. Mainstream medicine focuses on the manifestations of the process – EcoBiotics focuses on the origins of the process.


EcoBiotics seminars
In our series of three 5-day seminars, we work intensely with the “Five Pillars of EcoBiotics,” namely, Biological Terrain, Metabolic Systems, EcoToxicology, Pleomorphic Pathogenesis, and Energy/Structure Congruence. Too often, many styles of natural healing are presented as a patchwork of techniques that sometimes work, and sometimes don’t. Our goal is to help you gain a deep understanding of the ecology within the living body, and give you clear, consistent, clinical methods for guiding it back into balance.
A core element of the EcoBiotics Seminars is DIAD MicroscopyTM, an advanced form of live blood analysis. Unlike conventional darkfield microscopy, DIADallows the trained practitioner to identify specific biological factors involved in chronic illness, and structure precise and effective therapeutic strategies. And unlike conventional microbiology and immunology, DIAD provides information about the deep ecological relationships within the body, even when the required information exists only in a latent, sub-cellular form.
for more information
Contact Lady of the Lake
Dr Tammy Brazil

Animal Hair or Fur Analysis

Two main reasons an animal will become ill are problems in it’s
Diet or Enviroment
we often take for granted that the enviroment and foods we provide are adequate. Too many disorders and illnesses can be traced to a dietary mineral or vitamin deficiency and or enviromental conditions that expose them to toxic contaminants which accumulate in the tissues.
To all animals -minerals are essential
Like humans, animals eat not only to get the energy they need, but also to sup- port enzyme, muscle, hormonal, brain and other functions. Therefore, foods must provide “quality fuel” in the form of vitamins and minerals that will optimize health and growth. Essential minerals or macro elements are needed to sustain the life of your animal. Minerals such as calcium, magnesium phosphorus are needed for growth and to maintain healthy bone structure. The essential trace elements are needed in lesser. quantities, but are equally important. For instance, zinc deficiency retards growth, sexual development and hormonal function. It also causes skin and hair or fur problems. Hair mineral analysis identifies deficiencies long before your pet becomes seriously ill. Test results allow proper correction through mineral supplementation or dietary changes, improving animal health. Toxic Elements
Toxic elements are potentially present in food, water and the animal’s environment. Long-term exposure to small amounts can result in tissue accumulation, which is rarely diagnosed through blood or urine analysis.
These chronic exposures to Toxic Elements can come from seemingly innocent places - food bowls, the air and even the paint on an old doghouse. Over time, toxic elements can accumulate in vital organs and bones of pets, displacing important essential elements. These imbalances inhibit metabolic functions, create organ stress and cause a variety of health problems. Visible signs of toxic element exposure may take some time to manifest; therefore, early detection is essential. Hair mineral analysis is an ideal test to identify the animal’s toxic burden long before serious cell damage occurs. Hair Mineral Analysis For many years, physicians have recognized the benefits of Hair Mineral Analysis (H M A) in humans. Unknown to many, veterinarians and scientists have utilized HMA to identify toxic exposure or deficiencies in animals for decades. In fact. animal research provided the basis for understanding the importance of selenium and muscle function. Arsenic toxicities in farm animals have long been detected through hair or fur mineral analysis. Much of our understanding of health and nutrition problems has been learned from animal experience. Analyzing hair is a simple task requiring only 0.5 gram of hair or fur from the underside of the animal’s neck. Only the two [2] inches closet to the skin should be saved for analysis. All long ends should be discarded, ensuring that only the most recent history of the animal will be
looked at. Enclose animal hair /fur sample in clean-clear plastic baggie or envelope. Turn- around time is approximately 7-10 days after the sample is received.
Deficiencies of the following elements may contribute to: Calcium -Fatigue, sleeping and digestive problems, muscle cramping, nervousness, irritability
-Hypoglycemia, diabetes, weight problems, necessary to build muscles
-Hormonal problems, fatigue
-Immune deficiency, fatigue
-Metabolic weakness, dull headaches
-Emotional instability, fatigue, immune weakness
Molybdenum -Gout. obesity
Selenium -Heart disease, immune deficiency, muscle wasting
Zinc -Immune deficiency, hypothyroidism, Candida, skin, hair and nail problems High levels of the following elements may contribute to:
Aluminum -Nervous disorders, dementia, colic
Arsenic-Allergies, hair loss, colic
Cadmium -Blood pressure problems, emphysema, kidney problems


Copper -Migraine, emotional problems including depression
Lead -Learning problems, emotional disturbances, nervousness, anemia, anxiety, loss of appetite, headache, convulsions
Manganese -Nervous disorders
Mercury -Nervous and digestive disorders, allergies, tremors, infertility, depression
Molybdenum -Copper and/or iron deficiency
Nickel -Allergies, skin problems such as dermatitis, dizziness, digestive disorders, cancer
Animal hair / fur analysis 28 element panel $135.oo PROFILE # 1 Nutrient elements ————————————————————————————– —————————— Boron Iron Selenium Calcium Lithium Silicon Chromium Magnesium Sodium Cobalt Manganese Strontium Copper Molybdenum Vanadium Germanium Phosphorus Zinc Gold Potassium Toxic Elements Aluminum Beryllium Lead Arsenic Cadmium Nickel Barium Mercury —————————————————————————————————————– Animal Hair / fur analysis Profile 28 Element Panel above PROFILE # 2 cost $ 175.oo plus the following 33 elements Antimony Lutetium Silver Bismuth Neodymium Tantalum Cesium Osmium Tellurium Cerium Palladium Thallium Dysprosium Platinum Thorium Erbium Praseodymium Thulium Europium Rhenium Tin Gallium Rhodium Tungsten Hafnium Rubidium Uranium Iodine Ruthenium Zirconium Lanthanum Samarium Ytterbium Report Interpretation Reports are printed out in a graphic format that allows immediate identification of low and high levels. These reports are easy to understand and contain result interpretation and nutritional recommendations. We refer clients to therapists that are knowledgeable in animal nutrition.
Samples must be accompanied with payment. Samples must be clearly identified, showing in printed letters client and animal’s name, address and phone number.
Send to:
DR. Tammy K. Brazil
43695 Trail E
Lake Hughes, Ca 93532

Immune System Enhancement

In the context of EcoBiotic Therapy, we see the classic mechanisms of the immune system as a secondary, or “emergency” system that should only be relied upon when absolutely necessary.


These certainly includes cases of true infection, where a potentially harmful organism has entered from outside of the body. But for our purposes, it especially includes those cases of EcoBiotic imbalance where the gentler, better integrated mechanisms of pleomorphic terrain regulation have become overwhelmed by the development of recycler forms from within the body.


We talk about Immune Modulation, rather than Immune Stimulation, because sometimes, throwing more immune system power at a problem is not helpful. Creating and sustaining immune system responses is very physiologically expensive. The chemistry needed to run these specialized cells draws energy away from other parts of the body, including the nervous system. This is why fatigue and depression are so often associated with chronic activation of the immune system.


In addition, when phagocytic immune system cells are called upon to engulf and kill bacteria, fungi, spores, etc., they create very toxic substances that the body then must “mop up.” Our internal cleansing systems can become very stressed, and additional toxins coming from pollutants, food additives, allopathic drugs, and many other sources, can be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. The Cytochrome P450 and Glutathione Reductase pathways are particularly important clean-up agents, and when they are overused, oxidative stress builds up in the body, sapping energy, damaging cells through unchecked free radical activity, and inclining the terrain towards the support of pathogenic, disease causes microbes.


Finally, the result of all this immune system activity is a bunch of dead stuff that must, through the lymphatic system, be scavenged, broken down, and excreted. The more the lymphatic system is busy processing wastes, the less able it is to bring fresh, immune competent cells and supporting chemistry to the places where it’s needed. Constant acute activity distracts from the background surveillance of incipient problems, including the formation of small tumors and other disregulated cells.


What we prefer, in most cases, is to help the immune system work “smarter” rather than just “harder,” by using specialized strategies to help focus the immune system on specific tasks, rather than just throwing more “untrained troops” onto the battlefield. Specific immune modulators include Bacterial Phase remedies from Sanum and SanPharma, herbal, homeopathic, and other natural immunological remedies, as well as Idiotype Analog therapies that mimic various pathogenic organisms and focus the body’s attention on specific challenges.


Copyright(c) 2000 Stuart Grace Natural Philosophy Research Group

Metabolic Systems Therapy

The question of proper nutrition is central to health and wellness. Many systems exist to tell us what to eat, and what not to eat. And while every one of these systems works well for some people, the same systems often fail to help, or sometimes even hurt, other people.
Research into metabolic Systems Therapy has its roots in the research of Dr. George Watson, who in 1972 published his findings on the relationship of blood pH and health in a book called, “Nutrition and Your Mind: A Psychochemical Response.” In this book, he shows how various people who are either fast or slow oxidizers of key nutrients will create imbalances within the body’s fundamental energy producing mechanism, the Krebs Cycle. He found that fast oxidizers present the carbohydrate-dependent building blocks of energy (pyruvate, oxaloacetate) much faster than they break down the fat and protein dependent materials (co-enzyme A). For this reason, fast oxidizers become balanced in their nutrition by eating more fatty, high protein foods of high quality.
Conversely, slow oxidizers tend to supply the chemistry of the Krebs Cycle with the fatty, beta-oxidation products (co-enzyme A) faster than the carbohydrate dependent substances. They tend to be brought back into balance by diets featuring higher levels of complex carbohydrates of high quality.
This system worked spectacularly well for many people, but not for others. William Wolcott, building upon the research and experience of Dr. William Donald Kelly, an expert on the nutritional treatment of cancer and other serious diseases, discovered another part of the picture. While some people’s metabolisms seemed to be governed by oxidative rates, as expounded by Watson, others seemed to be governed more strongly by signals from the autonomic nervous system. Wolcott found that at a give time, an individual was either oxidative dominant or autonomic dominant. And just as there are fast and slow oxidizers, there are also fast autonomics (called sympathetics) and slow autonomics (called parasympathetics).
The final bit of the puzzle is that a person’s response to specific nutrients is exactly opposite, depending upon which system, oxidative or autonomic, is dominant within them! For example, a fast oxidizer is nutritionally balanced by a diet featuring fatty, high protein foods, while a slow, autonomic type thrives on the same things. A fast, sympathetic autonomic, however, would be driven into deeper imbalance and distress by this diet, and needs the same sorts of foods as a slow oxidizer, namely, a diet high in complex carbohydrates.
Our office performs the testing to determine metabolic type, and offers dietary plans based on this information. You can also read Wolcott’s recent book, “The Metabolic Typing Diet: Customize Your Diet to Your Own Unique & Ever Changing Nutritional Needs,” for more information. Diet guidelines for Group 1 (Slow oxidizers and Sympathetic autonomics) and Group 2 (Fast oxidizers and Parasympathetic autonomics) may be requested from our office.
It would be ideal to learn and track your personal metabolic type, either from testing at our office, or with a practitioner in your own area. You should initially review the foods listed for Group 1 Metabolizers (Slow Oxidizers or Sympathetic Dominant) and Group 2 Metabolizers (Fast Oxidizers or Parasympathetic Dominant) and see which type of diet, historically, has affected you in various ways.


Metabolic function can be assisted in several ways. First, detoxification may help unblock critical enzyme pathways, allowing both for more complete digestion as well as more complete conversion of nutrients into energy, via oxidative phosphorylation of ATP. Second, reduction of pathogenic microbes via isopathic regression, probiotic terrain competition, and biological terrain shift, can greatly improve the entire sphere of digestive and metabolic processes. Copyright(c) 2000 Stuart Grace Natural Philosophy Research Group

DIAD Microscopy

DIAD Microscopy TM

Advanced Darkfield Live Blood Analysis
You probably know that Live Blood Cell Analysis is a remarkable tool for quickly and accurately assessing the general level of a person’s health. Now, Natural Philosophy presents DIAD Microscopy, an advanced form of Live Blood Analysis that can help you explore the most complex chronic health challenges.
DIAD Precision Darkfield Microscopy allows the trained practitioner to move beyond general observations into a world of extraordinary detail, revealing latent and otherwise invisible metabolic and immunological stress factors.
Peter Gosch, internationally renowned health researcher and co-author of Hidden Killers, enthusiastically describes DIAD Microscopy as a “3-Dimensional view of the human immune system.” With DIAD Microscopy, you can: ~ Observe the current features of both gross and subtle blood elements Reveal and differentiate among multiple bacterial and fungal life cycles Map and predict the progression of active and latent pathogens Predict body systems and physiological pathways likely to be affected Characterize levels of cardiovascular, immunological, and oxidative stress Design effective biological strategies to restore the body’s inner terrain Actively engage your patients/clients with compelling visual feedback Objectively monitor the impact of all therapeutic choices
DIAD Microscopy is a central component of EcoBioticsTM, a comprehensive system for balancing the body’s inner ecosystem. Our professional training seminars develop and extensive framework, putting our advanced biological methods into both a theoretical and a clinical context, integrating Biological Terrain, Enderlein Pleomorphic Biology & Isopathic Therapy, Metabolic Profiling, and Cellular Detoxification. Small classes ensure ample hands-on time and personal attention.
For EcoBiotics and DIAD Microscopy seminar dates and locations, please call. These courses can be presented at your location with a minimum of six participants. Seminars are also available in advanced manual therapies including craniosacral, lyrnphatic & visceral rnobilization as well as personal consultations patient/ client awareness events, healing retreats, and corporate wellness programs. For more information, please contact
The Science of Alternative Healing
Thank you for your interest in the EcoBiotics Seminars from Natural Philosophy.
EcoBiotics TM is a rational, scientific approach to the biology of human health. By focusing on how the body is designed to create and support our health and vitality , EcoBiotics seamlessly integrates many diverse aspects of the natural healing arts.
In our series of three 5-day seminars, we work intensely with the “Five Pillars of EcoBiotics,” namely, Biological Terrain, Metabolic Systems, EcoToxicology, Pleomorphic Pathogenesis, and Energy/Structure Congruence. Too often, many styles of natural healing are presented as a patchwork of techniques that sometimes work, and sometimes don’t. Our goal is to help you gain a deep understanding of the ecology within the living body, and give you clear, consistent, clinical methods for guiding it back into balance.
A core element of the EcoBiotics Seminars is DIAD MicroscopyTM, an advanced form of live blood analysis. Unlike conventional darkfield microscopy, DIADallows the trained practitioner to identify specific biological factors involved in chronic illness, and structure precise and effective therapeutic strategies. And unlike conventional microbiology and immunology, DIAD provides information about the deep ecological relationships within the body, even when the required information exists only in a latent, sub-cellular form.
DIAD Microscopy is based upon a modem reinterpretation of the pioneering research of Dr. Gunther Enderlein ( 1872-1968) -integrating his monumental work in Pleomorphic Microbiology with a contemporary understanding of molecular, cellular, and genetic biology. This fusion of old and new science gives the innovative practitioner a remarkable arsenal of powerful biological therapies that can be used to support the entire spectrum of health challenges, from allergies to cancer.
Each of our 5-day seminars is designed to provide both a solid theoretical understanding, and ample hands-on time in small groups, actually doing the work. Practicum exercises performed at your own pace complete the process, and result in certification in DIAD Microscopy, Clinical EcoBiotics, and Advanced EcoBiotic Science from Natural Philosophy in association with GrayBack University of Ashland, OR.
The cost for each 5-day seminar is $1500, with discounts for multiple registrations from the same practice. Seminars can be produced at your location with 12 or more confirmed participants. Natural Philosophy is also offering a high-quality DIAD Compatible Microscopy system at a remarkable price, with integrated digital image capture, display, color printing and CD-ROM storage, DIAD visual database, professional practice support tools, complete accessories, and educational discount. Please call or write for our brochure about the EcoScope Ultra. More Eco Biotics
Don’t hesitate to call with any questions you may have.
STUART GRACE Principal Researcher
Natural Philosophy Research Group
Lady of the Lake
Healing Center
Lake Hughes, Ca
(6610 724-0919


Copyright(c) 2000 Stuart Grace,Natural Philosophy Research Group….
produced for your education and information, with his permission.
“Professionals of all fields of health- this is what education should be…
Stuart Grace is a wonderful & TOTALLY inspiring teacher,educator and researcher. I highly recommend his seminars for anyone interested Microscopy, Biological Medicine, Alternative Medicine, the Science of Alternative Healing,Healing Arts, etc.DR Tammy K. Brazil
“A totally life changing experience! I haven’t learned this much since I left medical school! I look forward to further courses with you…Dr. Alan T.,Cardiologist
Hilo, Hawaii
This is one of those rare experiences that redirects your whole life…I dreamed
last night of symbiosis, flow, cooperation……………..Dr. Ellen S.,DC
Berkeley, CA
Never before have I experienced such wonderful teaching! You’ve inspired
and excited me about the future of my own health care profession.
Stephen H.,Certified Nutritionist
Sunnyvale, CA

Areas of health to examine

Health in living
Lady of the Lake Healing Center
Other areas of your health to consider
* Dental -do you have any gum infections, tooth decay or mercury fillings that may be affecting your health
* Chemical -drugs, food chemicals, additives, colors, micro waves, radiation, smoke, pesticide residue
Chiropractic- do you suffer jaw, neck, back or pelvic pain, etc. This could be affecting other areas of your health
Emotional - constant emotional stress, or emotional problems are a major cause of many health issues
Environmental -the effects of land-air-water pollution, all chemicals, housing hazards, power lines, parasites, pests, all need to be addressed
All of these are seriously addressed by naturopathic medicine.
Please contact for me for a personal consultation

Urine Profile

First morning Random Urine testing




27 Element Panel Aluminum Copper Platinum Antimony Germanium Selenium Arsenic Lead Silver Barium Magnesium Strontium Beryllium Manganese Thallium Boron Mercury TinCadmium Molybdenum Uranium Chromium Nickel Vanadium Cobalt Palladium Zinc
Blue highlight indicates toxic elements ,no level is normal or good
TEST Cost —————$ 150.oo
Includes Test container full instructions, several page report,written discussion of results,written nutritional recommendations, and and elemental ratio section. Reports can be written in 8 languages [please specify, other than English] plus phone consultaion and recommendations.
Although reports are in 8 languages DR, Brazil speaks only English. Please provide phone interperter if


All opinions are based on personal research, educational background, continuing education, educational studies, international research studies, compiled and culiminative studies, published and un-published research, hands on knowledge and an extensive library. Researcher~ Naturopathic DR. Tammy K. Brazil