Hair Analysis

Sampling Procedure Hair Analysis
Hair Analysis Sampling Procedure Sampling Instructions Hair Sampling Procedure Materials needed: Scissors- new unused zip-lock, or other plastic baggy, unused plastic wrap-wrap thoroughly, new envelope Hair provides a record of past and current trace element levels. . As hair grows, nutrient and toxic elements are deposited from the blood stream into the hair follicle and hair shaft. Once a trace element has been incorporated into the hair, it remains fixed. To measure these values reliably and with good reproducibility, the following criteria must be met: .Untreated head hair that is cut from the occipital area (back of head) is the preferred sample. .Substitutes for head hair are pubic hair or clippings of finger nails (underarm hair is not acceptable).
.Hair that is approximately 1.5 inches in length from the scalp typically represents 2-3 months of growth. Such a sample provides information about the overexposure or malnutrition that occurred during that period.
.Because some sample loss results from thorough washing, an adequate amount of sample (a minimum of 0.050 9 or about two tablespoons) is needed for the analysis. Hair may be “measured” by using the diagram on the Sampling Instructions Form.
.DO NOT MIX different sample types (i.e. hair with nails).
.Hair that has been chemically treated (“permed”, dyed, bleached, or otherwise treated) WIll NOT provide accurate results. If the hair has been treated, it should be allowed to grow for at least 2-3 months before new sampling- in this case submit pubic hair
.Hair analysis results are falsely elevated by:
-Grecian Formula (darkening agent) , which often results in high lead and/or mercury levels.
-Coloring or tinting agents, which often elevate a number of trace elements or toxic metals. Since today’s cosmetic industry produces many different agents, we have no way of accurately determining their effects.
-Dandruff shampoos, which often result in high selenium levels.
-Bleached and/or “Permed” hair, which often results in altered levels of calcium, magnesium, sodium, zinc, copper and nickel. Procedure: Long Hair I) Part the hair in the middle of the back of the head, and pull it out and up. 2) Cut a small 1.5 to 2 inch (4.5 to 5.5 cm.) strand of hair close to the head. DISCARD ends of long strands KEEP only the 1.5-2 in. (4.5 to 5.5 cm.) closest to the scalp. 3) Place hair on Sampling Instructions Form and repeat the cutting on various regions on the back of the head until enough hair is obtained. Slightly over 2 tablespoons
5) Place hair in plastic baggie,or separate envelope, with the appropriate information and
send to: DR. Tammy K. Brazil
43695 Trail E
Lake Hughes CA 93532
1) Trim .5 to I gram -slightly over two tablespoons of hair from the back of the head. Use thinning scissors, if possible.
2) Place hair in plastic bag,or separate envelope, with the appropriate information and send to :
DR Tammy K. Brazil
43695 Trail E , Lake Hughes Ca 93532
Appropriate informationname address phone any symptoms -illness
Hair Profile # 1 –28 element cost $ 102.oo
Profile # 2– 61 element cost $ 150.oo
Profile # 3 Low Weight hair / nail $102.oo
All Samples must include payment
Language for report, unless otherwise stated ENGLISH
Profile #3 Low weight Hair/ nail samples-due to major health compromises there is limited hair please include hair and un-polished nail trimming/ cutting as close cut as possible. Please keep hair and nails seperate.Pubic hair may be used. Make sure all soap residue is removed before sampling. Low weight is 28 element
Please include symptoms & illness and any treatments. Boron Chromium Selenium Lithium Zinc Maganese Cobalt Germanium Vanadium Iodine Molybdenum Copper Strontium Magnesium Tin Toxic and other elements Aluminum Bismuth Cadmium Lead Uranium Antimony Barium Mercury Silver Arsenic Beryllium Nickel Thallium

Heavy Metal Toxicity

Metals that are not safe in the human body, may within the fat cells, bones, brain, hair, glands, central nervous system accumulate & have very negative health effects. Any level of toxic metals is not normal, or good.
The most common are cadmium, lead, nickel, and mercury, aluminum (not considered heavy metal) All may be associated with a metallic taste in the mouth.
The following is a partial list of possible side effects & the possible source.
fatigue, headaches, high blood pressure, irritability, enlargement of the prostate[non cancerous] liver disorders, hair loss, kidney disorders, skin disorders, learning disabilities, increased risk for cancer, painful joints, loss of smell/ appetite. Affects calcium metabolism. Targets heart and blood vessels, brain, liver, appetite and pain center, kidneys.
source: soft water, air pollution, bone meal, paints, welding, seafood, oxide dusts, cigarette smoke, teas, instant coffee & tea, some soft drinks, nickel cadmium batteries, pipe smoke, fungicides, pesticides, contaminated water, some plastics.
fatigue, poor bone growth, learning disabilities, anxiety, high blood pressure, gastrointestinal problems, muscle and joint pain, tremors, depressed immune function, weight loss, anemia, anorexia, convulsions, malaise, pallor, weakness, ringing in the ears, decreased cognitive functioning, alters: cell membrane permeability-enzyme function-blood formation. Targets liver, bone, pancreas, heart, brain, nervous system
source: paints, delivery and manufacture of petroleum products, smoke exposure, eating/ cooking in ceramic glazed dishware, leaded gasoline, living inter-city, canned foods, bone meal supplements, eating contaminated liver, cigarette smoke, newsprint and colored ads, hair dyes and rinses, rubber toys, storage batteries, pewter ware, pesticides, cosmetics, dolomite, soft coal, pottery,
fatigue, skin rashes, cancer, gingivitis, stomatitis, psoriasis , headaches, heart conditions, dizziness, respiratory illness, contact dermatitis .affects DNA replication ,transcription. Targets skin, point of exposure, lungs
source: jewelry, nickel-cadmium batteries, industrial exposure, hydrogenated oils, cosmetics, cooking utensils [added to some stainless steel], ceramic workers, cigarette smoke, some refined foods, fertilizers, cold wave permanents, welding.
fatigue, numbness, insomnia, tingling, tremors, loosing of the teeth, weight loss, vomiting, blood changes, swallowing difficulties, mental depression, headache, hallucinations, fever, chills, nephritis, blue line on gums, muscular weakness, asthma, multiple sclerosis, depressed immune system, impaired vision & hearing, irrational behavior, allergic conditions, memory problems, anorexia, loss of sense of pain, irritability, gastrointestinal disorders, affects transport of sugar[inhibition of] Targets the brain, nervous system, cell membranes, kidneys.
source: paints , thermometers, hair dyes, salt water fish caught in contaminated waters, amalgams in dentistry, delivery of petroleum products, fungicides, electrical apparatus, batteries, fluorescent lamps, cosmetics, explosives, mercurial diuretics, solvents, drugs, some plastics, fabric softeners, inks used by some tattooers, some hemorrhoid suppositories, wood preservatives , some laxatives that contain calomel
osteoporosis[ poor bone density], headaches, colic, rickets, Alzheimer’s disease, hyperactivity in children, ringing in the ears, ataxia[abnormal walking pattern] poor memory, gastrointestinal disorders, convulsions, osteomalacia, learning disabilities, cognitive problems. Targets stomach, brain, bones.
sources: food additives, baking powders, antacids, salt, aluminum cooking utensils, many over the counter drugs and douches, aluminum foil, contaminated water, soft water, antiperspirants, cans, refined foods, most commercial baking powders.
A hair analysis [to test for heavy metals and other elements] may be beneficial for people with the following symptoms:
ADD & ADHD anorexia, anxiety, asthma, brittle hair, bruise easily, cancer, depression, bronchitis, constipation, dermatitis, difficulty breathing, hypertension, joint pain, infertility, impotence, lethargy, loss of appetite, PMS, high blood glucose, metallic taste, headache, depression, arteriosclerosis, memory loss/poor, low sex drive, edema, learning disorders, rashes, loss of smell, loss of taste, fainting, fatigue, MS, varicose veins, poor absorption of vitamin & minerals, liver- kidney -nervous system- brain disorders


We offer 28 element hair analysis several page report phone consultation recommendations
 61 element hair analysis several page report
phone consultation recommendations
27 element Urine Profile several page report
phone consultation recommendations
phone consultation recommendations
both include:graphic format allows immediate identification of high and low levels, contain result interpretation and nutritional recommendations.
We use the top international clinical laboratory since 1984 testing biological samples for trace toxic and non-toxic metals. Their testing includes environmental, food analysis, mineral analysis, and animal hair/ fur [yes! we will do any animal hair/fur]
animal friends-Animals are a very important part of our lives. You would be surprised how close their bodily functions are to humans, and how much they truly enhance our lives. We have and will continue to update with special features just for our truly loved friends. Be sure to connect to the link above for elements essential for animal health and a hair/ fur analysis.

Healthy Quiz

What’s your Health in living ?


Dietary and Lifestyle Self Assessment
To complete the questions in each section, select your answer from the list below:
-never 5 -a few times month -once week 3 -a couple of times maybe week
-almost every day -every day
STRESS MANAGEMENT How often do you?
_ Wake up feeling rested, non- moody,
_Plan and or Organize your day- so there is time to accomplish tasks
_ Coordinate stress reduction activities into your lifestyle.
_ Are able to spend your leisure time enjoying relaxing activities
_Take time out for pleasurable physical activity
_ Coordinate stress reduction activities into your lifestyle.
_Meditate, breathe deeply, use creative visualization, get a massage or find a quite time to unwind
the less leisure time you have ,the more stress you may actually have -leisure time and levels of duress are inversely proportional*
PHYSICAL ACTIVITY How often do you?
_ Do exercise, play sports ,jog, weight training or resistance exercise to increase your strength and endurance
_ Stretch to help stay flexible, stimulate and to avoid injury
_Do stimulating activities -swim, a nice brisk walk, an interesting hike, a scheduled run or scenic cycle
_ Take the stairs, or park far enough from your destination so that you can exercise by walking
_ Actively engage in planning an enjoyable physical activity into your schedule-lifestyle?
exercise stimulates the production of brain chemicals that have a positive benefit of mood and sense of well-being*
How often do you?
_ Choose healthy snacks like fresh [organic] fruits and vegetables, rather than foods high in fat and sugar
_Eat a wonderful variety of foods, including fresh fruits, whole grains ( rice, cereals),
fresh [organic] vegetables, and non animal protein sources as part of your daily diet
_Choose low-fat foods like yogurt, low-fat cottage cheese, low fat milk or soy/ rice milk and
skinless chicken, rather than high-fat foods like butter, oil, whole milk and fatty red meats
_Avoid using food as comfort- as way to manage stress or cope with
feelings such as disappointment, anger, frustration or boredom
_Think ahead for a healthy diet when you choose a restaurant or shop for food
_ Supplement your diet with natural vitamins and minerals
* fruits and vegetables can reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Less than a third of your total calories everyday should come from fats.
Add up your score
~ The number you choose for each answer is your score for that answer. If you selected number ’3′ you tally up 3 points; if you selected number ’1′, 1 point and so on.
Count your total score for each health area.
What is your Health in Living score?
17 or below -Wow! keep that focus
The rewards for safe guarding your health are many
18-27 -Doing good !
You’ve got a good solid base. Certain areas of your health, diet and
lifestyle just need fine-tuning.
28-36 -Your wake -up call !
It is time to take responsibility for your health and well-being. Ask
for some professional advice.
Consultation Copyright(c)2000 Dr. Tammy K Brazil

Neurotransmitter Deficiency & Weightloss

 What is “Neurotransmitter Deficiency”?
Neurotransmitters are the natural occurring chemical messengers in your body, which run your nervous system. There are 183 neurotransmitters in your body. The two most important neurotransmitters in your body are “Serotonin” and “Norepinephrine”. Low levels or an imbalance of these two naturally occurring chemicals in your body cause many problems to include:


1. Weight problems            9. Anxiety
2. Panic Attacks                               10.Migraine Headache
3. Depression                                   11. Bulemia
4. Anorexia                                        12. Insomnia
5. PMS                                               13. Impulsivity
6. Obsessionality                              14. Aggression
7. Fibromyalgia                                 15. Myoclonus
8. OCD


Weight problems in turn cause the following problems and when the weight is under control these problems resolve:


1. Diabetes                                        8. Hypertension
2. High cholesterol                         9. Joint problems
3. Heart disease                              10. Sleep apnea
4. Gastric ulcers                              11. Fertility problems.
5. Gout                                               12. Gallstones
6. Lung infections                            13. Hiatal hernia
7. Decreased life expectancy


As a doctor, for years I had given my patients drugs for the problems listed above. Then I discovered the 1A Technology. The treatment and answers were simple, “but would they work?”
 Not only did they work, they left my patients far better off than any drug I had used in the past” Dr Marty Hinz MD, creator of 1A Technology
So what did 1A Technology discover? There are numerous drugs on the market that doctors can prescribe to their patients for neurotransmitter deficiency diseases; a brief list includes Prozac, Zoloft, Luvox, Celexa, Effexor, Wellbutrin, and Meridia. These drugs work by tricking the brain into thinking it has more neurotransmitters. They do nothing to actually give the patient more neurotransmitters. This is where 1A Technology comes in. The 1A products, which are only available in 1A clinics, actually allow your body to correct itself naturally by providing the vitamins, minerals, and amino acids your body needs to build neurotransmitters. Imagine that, it actually allows the body to correct the problem naturally without the need for expensive drugs with their side effects. The rest of this newsletter is dedicated to the effectiveness of 1A in the treatment of diseases.
Migraine headaches not only are very painful, they are expensive to treat. The most popular migraine headache medicine “Imitrex” costs about $120 for 9 pills. It is not uncommon to see patients needing $300 worth or more of “Imitrex” a month. With “1A”, migraine headache patients usually have no more migraine headaches after the first day and the cost of “1A” is between $25 and $45 a month.


Depression is a terrible disease many patients literally wake up one day with debilitating depression. The worst of all depression, is depression not responding to drugs. “1A” can correct these problems safely without medications.
The most difficult of neurotransmitter deficiency diseases to treat are weight problems but 1A Technology has mastered this safely without drugs.By allowing your body to correct itself naturally, appetite comes under control and you lose weight easily. Appetite suppression is a tool to help lose weight. For optimal weight loss once your hunger is under control there is still work to be done on the part of the patient, but most patients report this is the easiest weight loss they have ever experienced.
In a recent survey of patients entering our weight management program the three main concerns on the minds of patients were the effectiveness of the program, safety, and cost. 1A Technology has come up with the perfect answer on all fronts.


EFFECTIVENESSWith regards to effectiveness, “1A” is the best. For example, patients starting the program at 300 pounds can expect to make 250 pounds in just 2 months safely. The computer assisted weight management program part of 1A technology actually increases group weight loss by 60% while insuring that each patient attains optimal performance in weight loss.


SAFETYWith regards to safety, we do not use drugs (which have side effects). This is not ephedra or controversial supplements, this is “1A”. Many medicines used for treating weight problems and other neurotransmitter deficiency diseases actually make the underlying problems of deficiency worse. Drugs that quit working, drugs that do not work, patients who do not make goal weight or gain weight after weight loss all symptoms of neurotransmitter depletion by drugs, which leave the system worse off.


COST: The Lady of the Lake Healing Center has opened it’s new office at 43695 Trail E, Lake Hughes CA using the 1A Technology, we will be offering for a limited time contracts to new patients at $90 a month for all the medical visits needed for weight loss. The normal cost of these contracts are $125 a month, but word of mouth is the best advertising and we want new patients to see the effectiveness of our program. This is a long-term program that gets the weight off and keeps it off. This is THE most effective weight loss program in the United States today. This program is so effective, that for most patients the money saved on food not eaten more than pays for the cost of the program.
This clinic is not just for weight treatment, if you have problems with neurotransmitter deficiency we can help naturally. Our office visits are a small price to pay to feel better. For more information call (we do not bite) : (661) 724-0919.. Dr. Tammy

Consultation & More Information

Most tests have the price of consultations and nutritional recommendations figured into them
But, if you just need consultation[s] and a direction on where to begin to get well, I do that also. One of the best ways I can think of is e-mail me with your specific’s. IE: All symptoms, how long, first onset noticed, if you’ve been diagnosed with ——-.[The first thing we'll do is get rid of the name of IT] , your honest age etc. ALSO what you’ve done till NOW about IT,…….plus 100 more questions!
Then we can figure out a plan from there, I may need to speak with you once a week, to get you started-At first there are many questions. You may experience a healing crisis [that's GREAT!] I may only need to speak to you once a month- all this depends, on everything- you, how much healing you need , your compliance to the new plan[ I will make it easy as possible, but not easier- from A.Einstein] and what your current symptoms are. Remember this: it took a long time to be un-well, un-healthy… just didn’t wake up sick- ill- yukky.. It will take some time to get well, no magic bullets here, no magic wands. BUT, when you begin to be really well, it sticks,and you will like it … much , and it happens over time with a newer you. It really will stay with you.
So that’s what the price depends on- how much work WE have to do.We can set it up as a plan ,to make it pay as you go- or lump it, pay it all at once.And I’m more reasonable than you ever imagined.
IF however you are very sick right now, as some of my clients used to be,and you have little or no money- I turn NO-One down- If you have no other means- we will figure it out. YOU ARE ON YOUR HONOR….when you are well, you will need to take care of this, as there are many people who need help and the ones that pay help the ones who can’t right now.
disclaimer : I make no claims to “cure” by internet , e-mail ,in office,or by phone-
What is Biological Medicine?
Biological Medicine is an approach to healing that works by exploring a variety of deep biological factors within the body. Like other forms of Alternative or Complementary medicine, Biological Medicine excels at dealing with chronic health issues that sometimes resist conventional methods of care. However, unlike most other forms of alternative therapy , Biological Medicine is deeply rooted in the
paradigm of western biological science. We are interested, for example, in how the presence of various toxins affects the continuity of enzyme chains and
metabolic pathways, or how various micro-organisms generate damaging oxidative stress and immune system compromise. Our methods are precise, insightful, and frequently pro\4de key information and therapies to help your patients resolve their most difficult health challenges.


.What Is Naturopathic Medicine Anyway?
It is necessary for the naturopathic doctor to gather as much information as possible about the person so that the naturopath can make recommendations based on the seven fundamental principals of naturopathic medicine.
1] The healing power of nature
2] First do no harm
3] Find the cause
4] Treat the whole person
5] Prevention the Best medicine
6] Wellness
7] Doctor as teacher
These principles translate into the following questions when analyzing a case.
WHAT is the first cause: What is contributing now?
HOW is the body trying to heal itself?
WHAT is the minimum level of intervention needed to facilitate the self healing process?
WHAT are the person’s underlying functional weaknesses?
WHAT education does the person need to understand why he/she is ill and how to become healthier?
WHAT was the very first sign of illness , no matter how seemingly small or non related?
HOW does the person’s physical illness relate to their psychological and spiritual health?
As a naturopathic doctor, I utilize many different therapeutic agents nutritional, water, natural medicine, massage, creative visualization, isopathics, homeopathic. All backed by scientific research drawn from peer-reviewed journals from many disciplines. I gather as much information as possible about the way the illness has manifested itself. The most crucial element for me is to treat the whole person in the least invasive way. We begin at the cellular level, the very building block of the human body.
I understand and believe healing will occur naturally in the human body, if it is given what it needs..that is proper diet ,pure water, fresh air, sunlight, exercise and rest. This begins at the cellular level. WE need to determine what your specific needs are, how to instill them into your daily lifesyle easily…creating a total well being.
Consultation prices are included in certain tests.
Consultations are done by phone,[or in my home-office] you may e-mail me first and give me important information, and arrange for a time to call.Please, I answer calls personally, have as much information as possible at hand,or a translator if necessary.
If you are un-clear as where to begin in your quest for total health and well being , simply e-mail me at
we can figure out a plan of action, and where to begin.
You of course may also write


All opinions are based on personal research, educational background, continuing education, educational studies, international research studies, compiled and culiminative studies, published and un-published research, hands on knowledge and an extensive library. Researcher~ Naturopathic DR. Tammy K. Brazil